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Loose lips sink ships:

Good afternoon all. I'm a newbie, but for all intensive purposes you may call me the Alana! I've been hardcore into Rasputina for about a year now, but college has forced me to abandon livejournal to a degree. However, I shall make an exception for Rasputina =)

I currently own eight Rasputina CDs:
The Lost & Found (2nd Edition)
Transylvanian Regurgitations
Cabin Fever
My Fever Broke
Frustration Plantation
How We Quit the Forest
Thanks for the Ether
Cellos and Concubines (live)

And when I go to see them live on the 30th of April, (at the Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI) I'll be picking up another one of their live CDs: A Radical Recital.

The first Rasputina songs that I ever heard were Hunter's Kiss (from the 12 Tales CD) and Leechwife. I was blown away at how creative and unique the sound was. Not to mention, Melora has such a strangely beautiful voice. It was like nothing that I've ever heard before.

I've always been rather fond of Transylvanian Concubine (either the original or the remix). However, I don't think I could label just one song as my favorite. They are all special to me =). And on that note, I will scamper off but I look forward to speaking with you all.

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oh man, how weird.

not only did we hear the same 2 songs first. But the same WAY first. I own the 12 Tales cd still, and i enjoy most of it, but it REALLY turned me onto Rasputina.

good to have ya!
lol, that is a little bizarre. I wasn't that big of a fan of the 12 Tales CD- but it was worth it to hear that one song that spawned such a love =). Oh, Rasputina <333

Thank you. Glad to be aboard!
Do you know anywhere online that stocks "How We Quit The Forest"? It's impossible to find in the UK I tell you!!
It's impossible to find everywhere, because it's out of print ;)
There may be a re-release of it, though. No word yet. Sometimes you can get them on ebay.
Um, let's see here. You could try amazon.com or perhaps ebay.com (because they have copies, but sometimes they get pricey). I was fortunate enough to be visiting my uncle in Louisville, KY. We were bored so we went to this little CD shop, and I saw it and almost shit myself. So I snagged How We Quit the Forest for 8 dollars flat.

good luck with your search <3
Worst comes to worst, you could always just download the songs and burn them on a Cd.