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Let me tell you how I quit the forest.

A Ladies' (Imaginary) Cello Society
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Rasputina 1996
kind of surrealist
Now there's some random guy who plays drums... I've no idea what happens to those poor lost souls who come and go.
Melora: the brain behind the operation, and the constant. She's quite a talented and (I believe) unique person, and I really don't know much about her besides the obvious.

Again, the original cello ladies

This is a community for Rasputina fans. Need I tell you? Doesn't the name say it all? Well, you goose, I kindly ask you to join now or forever hold your peace and live out the rest of your measly existence knowing that you did not join THIS, the best of all, (I hope it to be), communities. I don't have any rules as of yet; this is because I don't care about those silly old things; just join!

"I saw a wishing well down by the stream
I never understood what wishes mean
Just ask for nothing, you'll get what you get
I asked for something, I've not got it yet"

Also join _anachronistic_ if you are a fan of the Dresden Dolls.