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Loose lips sink ships:

Good afternoon all. I'm a newbie, but for all intensive purposes you may call me the Alana! I've been hardcore into Rasputina for about a year now, but college has forced me to abandon livejournal to a degree. However, I shall make an exception for Rasputina =)

I currently own eight Rasputina CDs:
The Lost & Found (2nd Edition)
Transylvanian Regurgitations
Cabin Fever
My Fever Broke
Frustration Plantation
How We Quit the Forest
Thanks for the Ether
Cellos and Concubines (live)

And when I go to see them live on the 30th of April, (at the Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI) I'll be picking up another one of their live CDs: A Radical Recital.

The first Rasputina songs that I ever heard were Hunter's Kiss (from the 12 Tales CD) and Leechwife. I was blown away at how creative and unique the sound was. Not to mention, Melora has such a strangely beautiful voice. It was like nothing that I've ever heard before.

I've always been rather fond of Transylvanian Concubine (either the original or the remix). However, I don't think I could label just one song as my favorite. They are all special to me =). And on that note, I will scamper off but I look forward to speaking with you all.

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